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Velvet™ Green w/silver (available June 2007)

We are in the process of changing the paint color from Gold to Silver. Our stock of Gold panted dice is very low and we have stopped listing their availability. Please email us at order@chessex.com if you would like to see if we have the shape available in Gold paint that you need


27475 Velvet™ Polyhedral Green/silver
7-Die Set $9.98

27275 Velvet™ Green/silver
Set of Ten d10s $13.98

27675 Velvet™ 16mm d6 Green/silver Block™ (12 dice) $9.98

27875 Velvet™ 12mm d6 Green/silver Block™ (36 dice) $13.98

Six Sided Dice with Pips(spots)
DL1225 Velvet™ 12mm d6 w/pips Green/silver $0.40
DL1625 Velvet™ 16mm d6 w/pips Green/silver $0.85

Multi-Sided (Polyhedral) Dice with Numbers
PL0425 Velvet™ Polyhedral Green/silver d4 $1.45
PL0625 Polyhedral Green/silver d6 w/#s $1.45
PL0825 Velvet™ Polyhedral Green/silver d8 $1.45
PL1025 Velvet™ Polyhedral Green/silver d10 $1.45
PL1125 Polyhedral Green/silver Tens 10™ $1.45
PL1225 Velvet™ Polyhedral Green/silver d12 $1.45
PL2025 Velvet™ Polyhedral Green/silver d20 $1.45

LE722 Bag of 20 Polyhedral Green/silver Dice $26.10
contains the following mix of polyhedral dice
(1-d4, 3-d6 w/#s, 1-d8, 5-d10, 1-Tens 10™, 1-d12, and 8 d20)

Dice enlarged to show detail.

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