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Orange Translucent Dice


23003 Orange/White 7 die set $5.50

23203 Orange/White Set of 10 d10's $7.95

23603 16mm d6 Orange/white
Dice Block™ (12-Dice)$6.95

23803 12mm d6 Orange/white
Dice Block™ (36-Dice) $9.98

Individual loose dice also available:
PT0403 Orange/White
d4 $0.80
PT0603 Orange/White d6 w/ #'s $0.80
PT0803 Orange/White d8 $0.80
PT1003 Orange/White d10 $0.80
PT1103 Orange/White tens10™ $0.80
PT1203 Orange/White d12 $0.80
PT2003 Orange/White d20 $0.80
DT1203 Orange/White d6 w/spots 12mm $0.30
DT1603 Orange/White d6 w/spots 16mm $0.60

             Dice enlarged to show detail.

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