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Limited Edition Pieces


All Dice in sets are available individually. See the bottom of this page for details

LE673 Vortex Dice™ Polyhedral Magma w/black
7-Die Set $9.98

LE679 Vortex Dice™ 16mm d6 Magma w/black
Dice Block™ (12 dice) $9.98

LE685 Vortex Dice™ 12mm d6 Magma w/black
Dice Block™ (36 dice) $13.98




27400 Borealis™ Polyhedral Confetti™w/black
7-Die Set $9.98
27600 Borealis™ 16mm d6 Confetti™w/black
Dice Block™ (12 dice) $9.98
27800 Borealis™ 12mm d6 Confetti™ w/black
Dice Block™ (36 dice) $13.98

Individual Die Prices:
Polyhedral (with numbers): $1.45 each
12mm d6 with pips: $0.40 each
16mm d6 with pips: $0.85 each

All dice in sets are available for purchase individually. To order, please state the die's material type, color, and shape with size, if applicable. If ordering 6-sided dice, state if with numbers or with pips(spots). If with pips, remember to add in the die's size in millimeters.






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