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Random Charts Tables

Use this table whenever the GM determines that a random psionic encounter has occurred.

01-05: Novice Psion, low potential,
06-10: Novice Psion, low potential, neutral
11-15: Novice Psion, low potential, hostile
16-20: Novice Psion, average potentail, benevolent
21-23: Novice Psion, average potential, neutral
24-25: Novice Psion, average potential, hostile
26-27: Novice Psion, high potential, benevolent
28-29: Novice Psion, high potential, neutral
30-32: Novice Psion, high potential, hostile
33: Novice Psion, prodigy, benevolent
34: Novice Psion, prodigy, neutral
35: Novice Psion, prodigy, hostile
36: Novice Psion, prodigy, insane
37-38: Skilled Psion, low potential, benevolent
39-40: Skilled Psion, low potential, neutral
41-42: Skilled Psion, low potential, hostile
43-44: Skilled Psion, average potential, benevolent
45-46: Skilled Psion, average potential, neutral
47-48: Skilled Psion, average potential, hostile
49-50: Skilled Psion, high potential, benevolent
51-52: Skilled Psion, high potential, neutral
53-54: Skilled Psion, high potential, hostile
55-56: Skilled Psion, prodigy, benevolent
57: Skilled Psion, prodigy, neutral
58: Skilled Psion, prodigy, hostile
59: Skilled Psion, prodigy, insane
60-61: Master Psion, one specialization, benevolent
62-63: Master Psion, one specialization, neutral
64-65: Master Psion, one specialization, hostile
66-67: Master Psion, several specializations, benevolent
68-69: Master Psion, several specializations, neutral
70-71: Master Psion, several specializations, hostile
72-73: Master Psion, many specializations, benevolent
74-75: Master Psion, many specializations, neutral
76-77: Master Psion, many specializations, hostile
78: Master Psion, legendary, benevolent
79: Master Psion, legendary, neutral
80: Master Psion, legendary, hostile
81: Master Psion, legendary, insane
82-85: Psionic Creature, benevolent
86-90: Psionic Creature, neutral
91-95: Psionic Creature, hostile
96-97: Psionic Creature, manipulative (appearing in another guise using mind illusion)
98: Psionic Creature, insane
99: Psionic Item
00: Psionic Puzzle/Riddle (must be solved using psionic powers)

This is a table presenting treasures that aren't magical items or the typical gold/silver coins and gems. At GM's discretion, roll percentile (d100) for the item's condition (01: completely deteriorated - 00: mint and perfectly preserved).

01: Wine, rare and extraordinarily fine
02: Wine, exotic (pixie-brewed ale)
03: Herbs, poisonous
04: Herbs, medical, rare
05: Medical Accessory, exotic (jar of live extraplanar leeches)
06: Egg, good supernatural creature (couatl, phoenix, pseudodragon)
07: Egg, neutral supernatural creature (basilisk, hippogriff, roc)
08: Egg, evil supernatural creature (drider, umber hulk, wyvern)
09: Egg, good dragon (brass, bronze, copper, gold, or silver)
10: Egg, evil dragon (black, blue, green, red, or white)
11: Seeds, exotic plant or fruit
12: Spices, domestic and rare
13: Spices, exotic (chili)
14: Rations, exotic (dire boar jerky, jade lotus root)
15: Journal, lost log of a legendary warrior or general
16: Journal, lost tome of a celebrated mage or reviled sorcerer
18: Journal, lost chronicle of a revered historian or sage
19: Journal, lost prophecies of a renowned seer
20: Journal, lost diary of an ancient king of a non-human race
21: Journal, lost notes of a master artificer or inventor
22: Tool Set, thieves', extremely sophisticated
23: Alchemists' Instruments, extremely sophisticated
24: Musical Instrument, small, master craftsmanship (chime, pipe)
25: Musical Instrument, medium, master craftsmanship (lyre, mandolin)
26: Musical Instrument, large, master craftsmanship (harp, gong)
27: Musical Instrument, exotic (tribal drum, troll bone flute)
28: Scribe Instrument, master craftsmanship (gold pen, ivory scroll case)
29: Scribe Instrument, exotic (cockatrice quill, Kraken ink)
30: Scroll, coded map of secret passages of an abandoned castle
31: Scroll, coded battle plan for a famous but scantily-detailed campaign
32: Scroll, coded message for a conspiracy (political, religious, or racial)
33: Scroll, coded map of a forbidden temple or shrine
34: Bottle, very ornate
35: Bottle, exotic (erstwhile genie-filled, now empty)
36: Box, small and very ornate
37: Box, medium and very ornate
38: Box, large and very ornate
39: Vial, blood of a supernatural creature
40: Vial, blood of a saint or a despised sinner
41: Vial, exotic poison
42: Game, small, master craftsmanship (cards, dice, top)
43: Game, master craftsmanship (chess set, puzzle box)
44: Game, exotic (mechanical miniature men, wargame)
45: Clothing, ceremonial
46: Clothing, extravagant
47: Clothing, special (belonged to royalties)
48: Clothing, exotic (giant mink coat, winter wolf scarf)
49: Clothing Accessory, ceremonial (bishop's miter, sash)
50: Clothing Accessory, extravagant (gold belt, silk cape)
51: Clothing Accessory, special (feared pirate king's earring)
52: Clothing Accessory, exotic (boots or shoes with hidden compartments)
53: Personal Accessory, ceremonial
54: Personal Accessory, extravagant (gold comb, rare perfumes)
55: Personal Accessory, special (hand mirror of a fabled beauty)
56: Personal Accessory, exotic (leprechaun pipe)
57: Religious Accessory, small, master craftsmanship (incense, rosary beads)
58: Religious Accessory, medium, master craftsmanship (brazier, censer)
59: Religious Accessory, large, master craftsmanship (aspergill, snuffing bells)
60: Religious Accessory, exotic (bible or holy symbol of a forgotten sect)
61: Trophy, small (gold medallion, plaque of rare ore)
62: Trophy, medium (bejeweled statuette)
63: Trophy, large (mounted head of wild beast)
64: Trophy, exotic (battle standard, mounted part of a supernatural creature)
65: Artistic Creation, small, master craftsmanship (sketchbook, musical compositions)
66: Artistic Creation, medium, master craftsmanship (painting, bust)
67: Artistic Creation, large, master craftsmanship (life-sized sculpture)
68: Artistic Creation, special (unfinished work of a legendary artist)
69: Artistic Creation, exotic (folksong collection or mask of an ancient race)
70: Artists' Instruments, small, master craftsmanship (paint brush)
71: Artists' Instruments, medium, master craftsmanship (ornate customized easel)
72: Artists' Instruments, exotic (bleached dragon-skin canvas, malleable dead mimic clay)
73: Clock, small and ornate, master craftsmanship
74: Clock, medium and ornate, master craftsmanship
75: Clock, large and ornate, master craftsmanship
76: Clock, exotic (gold sundial, foreign timekeeping device)
77: Tapestry, master craftsmanship
78: Tapestry, exotic (weaved by supernatural beings, hypnotic pattern)
79: Illumination, small, master craftsmanship (candle)
80: Illumination, medium, master craftsmanship (lantern)
81: Illumination, exotic (fire-giant bone torch, salamanders lamp oil)
82: Wilderness Gear, small, ornate (ivory hunting horn)
83: Wilderness Gear, medium, ornate (gold mess kit, velvet rucksack)
84: Wilderness Gear, large, ornate (royalty tent)
85: Wilderness Gear, exotic (satyr repellents, giant spider silk rope)
86: Laboratory Accessory, small, ornate (alembic, centrifuge)
87: Laboratory Accessory, medium, ornate (balance, armillary sphere)
88: Laboratory Accessory, large, ornate (quern, kiln)
89: Laboratory Accessory, exotic (crystal ball, witch's cauldron)
90: Culinary Accessory, small, ornate (platter, goblet)
91: Culinary Accessory, medium, ornate (kettle, pot)
92: Culinary Accessory, exotic (cookware or recipes for preparing supernatural creatures)
93: Miscellaneous, small, ornate (figurine, mug)
94: Miscellaneous, medium, ornate (candlestick, silk bedsheet)
95: Miscellaneous, large, ornate (ice chest, stilts)
96: Miscellaneous, exotic (pegasus-feathered pillow)
97: Novelty item, small (firecrackers)
98: Novelty item, medium (clockwork dolls)
99: Novelty item, large (rocking horse)
00: Novelty item, exotic (nymph-scented soap)

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